Engine Modifications

Engine Modifications

There is a reason you see JMC logos all over the country at some of the most prestigious races out there. JMC builds some of the fastest, best performing, and longest lasting race engines you can get. You can trust us to deliver the level of performance you require no matter what it is. Every single racer is different, and we like to build everything to their style and performance needs. It doesn't matter if you like to stay high in the rpm range or you like to keep it in the bottom end, our professional factory technicians can get you the motor that will put you out in front of the rest of the pack.

Suspension Services

JMC Motorsports is partnered with Race Tech Suspension in order to give our customers some of the best suspension parts and service in the industry. If you're needing just a revalve and oil change or you want the same suspension that the pros run we can give you it. Suspension is one of the most important parts of any machines, it doesn't matter how fast your engine is, or how much money you have into training, if your suspension isn't working then all of it is useless. JMC can get you the best suspension in the business no matter if your headed to the mountains for a weekend on you snowmobile, spending the weekend in the dunes tearing it up in your new side by side, or racing a Professional Supercross race we can handle it.

Performance Tuning

We don't just build something and push it out the door, JMC has a state of the art dyno to measure your motorcycles performance. This dyno isn't just for seeing how much horsepower your bike puts out though, we use our dyno to tune CDI boxes, adjust fuel mapping, and even find the best products to run in your machine. A little can go a long ways with performance tuning, fuel and other products can make a huge difference when it comes to the performance of your motorcycle. We take the guess work out of it all by putting in all the time and hard work to figure out exactly what will get your machine at the highest performance possible.

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