Racing is in our blood, it is after all what this entire company was started for. But what started as a way for the Micka family to get there boys the best quality machines and gear has turned into so much more. JMC Motorsports is more than just a full service dealer, we have a national and sometimes international effect on the racing community. From professional Supercross racing, Amateur Motocross racing, World Off Road Championship Series, Side by Side racing, Freestyle, Hill climb snowmobiling, free ride snowmobiling, snowcross, and many other motorsports ventures JMC has a hand in everything Motorsports. With our industry partners, factory technicians, and relationships with the OEM manufacturers we can give a rider everything they need.

Explore through our unique teams and supported athletes, give each one a follow while you're at it and keep an eye on them becuase we expect big things from all of our athletes.