JMC Motorsports sponsors some of the highest class athletes in the world, our large network of industry partners and personnel gives our sponsored athletes a leg up on their competition. Being a JMC athlete is much more than what you think it might be though, please look at the information below to see if you think you are a match with the JMC crew. 

What we are looking for 

- An athlete who can grow the brand of JMC Motorsports.

- An athlete that acts professionally on and off of the machine at all times no matter the situation.

- A well liked and known athlete within their sport who other athletes look up to or even want to be like.

- An athlete who is highly active within their sport, this means constantly going to races and practices.

- An athlete that is very active on social media and represents the companies that supports them to the best of their abilities on social media. 

Things you may have to do when sponsored

- Post a predetermined amount of content on social media highlighting JMC Motorsports.

- Attend special JMC Motorsports events like open house, ride days, top gun team shootout. 

- Attempt to attend several pre selected events/races to promote JMC Motorsports. 

- Feature in some of JMC Motorsports social media content.

- Supply JMC Motorsports with results, pictures, and videos.

General requirements 

- Already have or be willing to switch to one of the following brands. Honda, Husqvarna, Textron, and Arctic Cat.

- Not support any other dealership, Parts or gear retailer, dirt bike engine builder, or Motorsports service shop.

- Be willing to support JMC Motorsports industry partners based on sponsorship level, and not support their competitors. 

Wanted information in resume 

- Full name. phone number, email, and address

- All social media accounts that you have 

- Highlighted results and events attended 

- What you can do to further the brand of JMC Motorsports

- What you are exactly looking for from a sponsorship with JMC Motorsports 

- Plan for the upcoming year (training, health, events to attend, social media)

Application period August 1st 2019 through September 30th 2019

Email resume to