The JMC Motorsports family started with two people: Joel and Michele Micka. They organized JMC Motorsports in an effort to provide their sons with the highest quality gear and parts to ride. It soon grew to something that they had never imagined, leading us to become one of the most recognized dealerships in the northwest and leaving our mark on the national Motorsports community.

Michele Micka - Owner

Michele Micka

Joel Micka - Owner

Joel Micka



The JMC Motorsports Service department is full of professionally qualified personnel, including industry technicians and service ad visors. Bring your machine in to JMC and have some of the best in the business get your pride and joy running as good as new.

Jensen Hendler - Technician

Jensen Hendler

Jensen has been around Motorsports since he starting to ride at the age of 6. He got his first job at a dealership at the age of 17 and hasn't looked back. He is an MMI graduate and has done everything in the business during his 18 years in the industry, from running his own performance and maintenance shop to working on the factory Star Valli Yamaha Supercross and Motocross team. Now back at home, Jensen has worked out of JMC Motorsports since 2013 and is the head of motor development and testing for the JMC Professional Supercross team.
Jay Hamann - Technician

Jay Hamann

Jay is an avid power sports enthusiast, as he dabbles in it all. Jay has been working in the industry for over 30 years and has spent over 5 years with JMC Motorsports. Jay specializes in snowmobiles and snow bikes, but he is very familiar with ATVs, dirtbikes, streetbikes, and side-by-sides. Having seen and ridden them all, Jay is one of the top technicians in the industry.
Ron Teal - Technician

Ron Teal

Ron's whole life has involved Motorsports. His grandparents owned the Yamaha Dealership in Kennewick, Washington on the historic "motorcycle way." Ron has been working in the industry periodically for over 30 years. When he wasn't working at motorcycle dealerships, he ran his own car repair shop. Ron is a master of all and can do it all. He rides streetbikes, dirtbikes, and side-by-sides, and knows the issues since he experiences them first hand. Ron is one of the most dedicated and precise technicians there is, and he has the knowledge and experience to get you back riding in no time.
Austin Finch - Technician

Austin Finch

Austin started working at JMC in high school, doing everything from stocking to parts, and is now a technician. He has been trained for years now by our highest class technicians and has picked up the tricks of the trade in his 4 years with JMC Motorsports. Austin is currently one of the race mechanics for the JMC Motorsports Supercross Team, but when the team returns from races, he goes to work in the shop.
Devyn Stumpf - Technician

Devyn Stumpf

Devyn has been around Motorsports his entire life. Taught by his family and shown the ropes at a young age, he has always had a knack with his mechanical ability. Devyn currently is being trained by our first class factory technicians as he joins the Motorsports industry with JMC.
Jere Gorsline - Service and Parts Coordinator

Jere Gorsline

Service and Parts Coordinator
Jere is new to the JMC family, not to say he doesn't have the experience or knowledge of the rest of us. He’s worked in the automotive industry for over 28 years as a service writer and parts associate at one of the largest automotive dealerships in the northwest. He has always ridden motorcycles and many other off-road toys, which is what drew him to make the switch to the Motorsports industry with JMC.
Kay Hjellum - Service Advisor

Kay Hjellum

Service Advisor
Kay has been working for Motorsports dealerships since the beginning. She worked at the Polaris/KTM dealership in Kennewick, Washington for over 15 years. When that local dealership closed its doors, she made the switch to the JMC Motorsports family and has been with us for over 7 years now. She’s an avid rider of ATVs and snowmobiles, and with all her experience, she is one of the best service advisors you could ever work with in the business.

Sales and Finance

The JMC Motorsports Sales group is unlike any other in the industry. We have decades of experience in riding and the power sports sales industry. We have the knowledge and skill to get you onto the machine of your dreams for the lowest price possible.

Jason Alexander - Sales Representative

Jason Alexander

Sales Representative
Jason's love for Motorsports started at a young age by riding his dad’s old motorcycle with him. After first pursuing work in the automotive industry, Jason later got a job with the local Polaris and KTM dealership. He worked there for several years until it closed its doors, and he opened up his own parts and accessories shop, which he ran for several years. Jason joined the JMC family after closing his own shop and became a sales representative. His son is a competitive motocross racer and enjoys riding or driving anything with an engine bolted to it. He has the knowledge and experience to get you in the perfect machine for you.
Bernie Garza - Sales Representative

Bernie Garza

Sales Representative
Bernie graduated from MMI in 2011 and went into the Motorsports industry immediately. He had left the Motorsports business for a short time, but got back into his love as soon as possible. Initially working at a dealership north of JMC, his life brought him to the Tri-Cities area and then to JMC Motorsports. He is new to the JMC Family, but he has the previous experience and Motorsports knowledge to get you driving off in the sunset with your dream ride.
Ruta Coppeto - Finance Associate

Ruta Coppeto

Finance Associate
Ruta isn’t your typical Motorsports employee. She didn’t fall in love with Motorsports at a young age, and never really knew all that much about it until recently. Since joining the JMC family, she’s fully embraced the enthusiast life. With over 30 years of financial lending and banking experience, she is one of the most qualified and experienced finance associates you could ask for. She has the knowledge and skills to get you riding off into the sunset on your dream ride.

Parts and Gear

The JMC Motorsports parts department is full of riders and racers, just like you. Because we’re personally familiar with the parts and apparel, we know what would most likely suit you best. We want to get you back out on your machine as soon as possible, so come in and get your parts and tools for the mechanic or the gear and apparel for your rider.

Cody MacArthur - Parts Associate

Cody MacArthur

Parts Associate
Cody MacArthur grew up around dirtbikes and has been racing since age six. Cody’s dad grew up riding dirtbikes and never got to pursue his dreams, but has instilled that love and passion for riding in Cody. With 10 years of being around dirtbikes, snowmobiles, and their parts, and he is exited to share his passion with you.
Mark Barkley - Parts Associate

Mark Barkley

Parts Associate
Mark started out as a rider, just like you. He wanted to find a way to work in the industry he enjoyed so much, and found his way into the JMC family. He continues to ride on his days off and loves riding in the woods and dunes. He loves the way everyone involved in motorsports feels like family, and wants you to feel like family from the moment you walk in the door.
Brad Day - Parts Associate

Brad Day

Parts Associate
Brad has been riding since he was 10 years old. He obtained a degree from Universal Technical Institute for Auto & Diesel Tech, then spent over 10 years in the auto and diesel industry. He really knows the technical side of the parts and how they work. He has also spent one year in the agriculture industry; however his favorite work experience has been his three years in the motorsports industry.

Other Employees

JMC has a wide range of services, we employ many different people in all kinds of jobs.These are the people that keep JMC running from day to day. They take great pride in their workand we take great pride in them.

Wayne Mitchell - Screen Printing and Embroidery

Wayne Mitchell

Screen Printing and Embroidery
Wayne has been doing different mediums of art for most of his life. His most recent venture in the art world has been screen printing and embroidering and he has been doing it for the past 2 years. He’s worked at the corporate location for the past 8 years. He enjoys the variety of work that comes his way.
Ethan Beutler - Shipping and Receiving

Ethan Beutler

Shipping and Receiving
Bill Canham - Shipping and receiving

Bill Canham

Shipping and receiving
Amanda Empey - Office

Amanda Empey

You know when you go to a movie and in the credits there is a long list of people who helped with the movie that you never see on screen? Amanda is one of those people for JMC Motorsports. She has been riding 4 wheelers with her dad for the past 10 years. She has been working for Joel and Michele at their corporate location for over 5 years and does a lot of the behind the scenes work to keep the business side of things running.
Brok Tucker - Accounting

Brok Tucker

Brok came to us out of retirement, telling us that he was bored at home. Before that, he received his MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from Oregon State. He went straight from school to work on his family farm near Heppner, Oregon for 32 years. He enjoys crunching the numbers and keeping the business on the right track.
Elle Bucho - Office

Elle Bucho

If you have been in to the store or stopped by our trailer in the past year, you have most likely run into Elle, or seen her running around the store. She is well rounded, as she has worked as the cashier in the store and out at our trackside support trailer with Michele, in shipping and receiving, parts, and has recently made the switch to working in the office. But don’t let that fool you – She’s been riding 4 wheelers and side by sides with her family for over 12 years. Her knowledge and willingness to do whatever it takes has been a welcome addition to the JMC family.
Jordan Micka - Videography

Jordan Micka

Jordan has been with JMC Motorsports since the beginning, but has only been working for the company for the past five years. He started riding at age five and fell in love with the sport and knew he wanted to be a part of it. He has worked in the parts and receiving department and cashiering. His experience with his own personal Instagram and YouTube channel has led him to becoming the official photographer/Videographer for the JMC Motorsports.
Kaden Beutler - Rider Support Representative

Kaden Beutler

Rider Support Representative
Andy Rompel - IT

Andy Rompel